Crash Witch

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    Oops, someone wasn’t paying attention at the witches’ driving school! The witch’s broom is broken, she needs a new
    one ;) Don’t worry, nothing happened to this witch and she is already flying again with her new witch broom ;) Joking
    aside, here are a few quick notes on this pattern “Crash Witch” I deliberately chose to make the chart across, you are
    practically crocheting sideways so that when you finish and then turn the witch, you have the fringes at the top and
    bottom. You can twist beautiful fringes for the hanging at the top and bottom. A beautiful wall hanging, perfect for the
    autumn season and for Halloween. An eye-catcher for your home!
    Yarn info
    Motif Colour
    black: 180g and Background Colour orange: 180g - Cotton from Gründl Cotton Quick
    You can use any yarn, just keep in mind that the wallhanging/pillow will then be larger or smaller!
    This Wallhanging is crocheted in the mosaic technique overlay. You will receive a 17 page PDF tutorial with a short introduction to mosaic crochet, coloured charts/diagrams for the motifs, a small photo tutorial for the stitches used and written instructions for the first rows, for an easy start. Therefore also suitable for ambitious beginners.
    Size: Width: 45 cm Height: 70 cm (with the yarn & crochet hook I used)
    Applied stitches & technique:
    Chain / Chain
    DC Double crochet / Sc Single crochet
    DC in back loop only / Sc in back loop only
    Tr Treble in front loop of st 2 rows below / Dc Double crochet in front loop of st 2 rows below
    Diagonally Tr/Dc (Photo Tutorial)
    Technique: Mosaic - Overlay

    If you are a beginner, watch videos on YouTube. You will find many videos there. This technique is easy to learn.
    If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact me!

    Happy crocheting,

    Susanne Toth - SUTO Design

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