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    The year 2023 will be the year of the mugs! I will publish every 1st of the current month, a specific cup! With the January - mug there is a complete alphabet for free, so you can change the month name to your language! A whole year of mugs makes a great blanket! There are also 4 free bonus squares planned for the beginning of summer, Easter, Christmas & Halloween! There will then be 16 squares to crochet together at the end of the year. Of course you can also make pillows from the squares, they are sure to make a
    nice gift or souvenir for a coffee klatch!
    Release of the 16 squares:
    31.12.2022 - January cup + alphabet + information, tips & tricks.
    1.2.2023 - February cup
    1.3.2023 - March cup
    1.4.2023 - April Cup + Bonus Square Easter
    1.5.2023 - May cup
    1.6.2023 - June cup + bonus square beginning of summer
    1.7.2023 - July cup
    1.8.2023 - August cup
    1.9.2023 - September cup
    1.10.2023 - October Cup + Bonus Square Halloween
    1.11.2023 - November cup
    1.12.2023 - December Cup + Bonus Square Christmas
    Chart 82 x 81 (for DC(SC) all around) oder 84 x 81 (double
    US, UK & DE Crochet Terminology
    Crochet Hook 3,5mm (Cotton Yarn 50g/158m)
    Yarn consumption: 70 g – Background colour turquoise / 57 g –
    Motif colour white, red, petrol
    Größe: 40 cm x 40 cm (1 Square)
    Final size with 16 squares: 160 cm x 160 cm
    General Information:
    This square is crocheted in the mosaic technique overlay. You will get a 20 page PDF pattern with a small introduction to mosaic crochet, colored charts/diagrams for the motifs, a small photo tutorial for the stitches used and in writing for the first rows, for an easy start. Thus also suitable for ambitious beginners.
    Size: Width: 40 cm Height: 40 cm (with the yarn & crochet hook I used).
    Yarn consumption for 1 square: 250m turquoise and 180m colorful (red,petrol,white) These are approximate, because everyone crochets differently, sometimes tighter or looser etc!!!! Of course you can also crochet with other colors, as you like it! If you want to use a bobble, then I recommend a plain bobble to take as a background and the motif color can then be colorful! Just make sure they have a good contrast!
    Applied stitches & technique:
    Chain / Chain
    DC Double crochet / Sc Single crochet
    DC in back loop only / Sc in back loop only
    Tr Treble in front loop of st 2 rows below / Dc Double crochet in front loop of st 2 rows below
    Technique: Mosaic - Overlay

    If you are a beginner, watch videos on YouTube. You will find quite a few videos there. This technique is easy to learn.

    If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact me!

    Happy crocheting,

    Susanne Toth - SUTO Design

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    Erklärung-Tipps&Tricks - Mosaik Overlay
    Year of Mosaic Mugs_Januar_DE
    Year of Mosaic Mugs_January_EN
    Februar_Year of Mosaic Mugs_DE
    February_Year of Mosaic Mugs_EN
    March_Year of Mosaic Mugs_EN
    März_Year of Mosaic Mugs_DE
    April_Year of Mosaic Mugs_DE
    April_Year of Mosaic Mugs_EN
    Easter_Year of Mosaic Mugs_EN
    Ostern_Year of Mosaic Mugs_DE
    August_Year of Mosaic Mugs_DE
    August_Year of Mosaic Mugs_EN
    Juli_Year of Mosaic Mugs_DE
    July_Year of Mosaic Mugs_EN
    JuneAndBonusSummer_Year of Mosaic Mugs_EN
    JuniUndBonusSommer_Year of Mosaic Mugs_DE
    Mai_Year of Mosaic Mugs_DE
    May_Year of Mosaic Mugs_EN