Susannes Mosaic Summer Cal 2023

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    Susanne’s Mosaic Summer Cal, is a pattern for my Facebook group! Start June 21, 2023!
    Susanne’s Summer Cal 2023 includes:
    1 pattern “Cheeky Fruit” table runner
    1 pattern “Funny Vegetables” table runner
    1 pattern “Fruits classic”

    in the mosaic technique overlay, combined with Tapestry for a multi a multicoloured result.
    Perfect for combining and mixing, the Funny Vegetables and Cheeky Fruits is just the way you like it!
    The two table runners with 5 x Fruits & 5 x Vegetables have the same pattern repeat of 42 stitches + 4 edge stitches and you can combine them as you like! There are also the cute intermediate sections: Bee, Snail, Butterfly, Bird, Beetle & 4 geometric patterns, a total of 9 motifs that you can also mix and match as you like!
    You can crochet them in rows but also in rounds, so you can make different projects out of them, in any size you want. For example cushions, bags, tapestries, placemats, blankets!
    The centre blanket “Fruits classic” is crocheted in rounds and you can also use the tapestry technique here, so that the fruits are visually highlighted better. Again, you can extend the sections as you wish if you want to crochet a larger blanket! You only need to extend the pattern repeat!
    General Information:
    The two table runners & the centre blanket is crocheted in the mosaic technique overlay combined with the tapestry technique.
    As this is a Cal in my FB group, you will receive the information file with all important data & a stitch explanation file with tips & tricks for Mosaic Overlay crochet on June 1, 2023! Start of the Cal is on 21 June 2023! Parts 1 - 5 will be released as follows:
    1st part on 21.June.2023 - 11:00 CET.
    2nd part: 30.June.2023 - 11:00 CET
    3rd part: 7.July.2023 - 11:00 CET
    4th part: 14.July.2022 - 11:00 CET (last part of the middle cover)
    5th part: 21.July.2023 - 11:00 CET (last part of both table runners)

    You will receive detailed PDF instructions with each part with a small introduction to mosaic crochet, coloured charts/diagrams for the motifs, a small photo tutorial & videos for the stitches used and completely written instructions. So also suitable for ambitious beginners. Join my designer group on Facebook, here you can share, ask questions and post your progress! Here is the link to the group:
    You can use any yarn and a crochet hook that fits your yarn! You can get detailed information in my information file. You can also use your “leftover yarn” from your wool store with this pattern ;)
    Applied stitches & technique:
    Chain / Chain
    DC Double crochet / Sc Single crochet
    DC in back loop only / Sc in back loop only
    Tr Treble in front loop of st 2 rows below / Dc Double crochet in front loop of st 2 rows below
    Diagonal Tr / Dc
    Technique: Mosaic - Overlay / Tapestry

    If you are a beginner, watch videos on YouTube. You will find quite a few videos there. This technique is easy to learn.

    If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact me!

    Happy crocheting,

    Susanne Toth - SUTO Design

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