Vintage Flower Love - Shawl

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    ou can crochet this triangular shawl “Vintage Flower Love” with any kind of yarn. I crocheted the shawl with Lana Grossa -Elastico from my stash and a 4 crochet hook. Of course you can crochet the shawl with any kind of yarn, whether bobbel or merino wool, they should just be very contrasty! The size of my shawl was 210 cm x 105 cm. The size of the shawl varies of course, because everyone crochets differently or if you use a different yarn or crochet hook size!
    The different motifs: hearts, infinity sign, roses, dandelion, shamrock and an ornament, reflect vintage for me! Happy, colourful & dreamy!
    This triangle shawl is crocheted in the mosaic technique overlay. You will receive 11 pages of PDF instructions with a short introduction to mosaic crochet, coloured charts/diagrams for the motifs, a small photo tutorial for the stitches used and written instructions for the first rows, for an easy start. Therefore also suitable for ambitious beginners.
    Size: Width: 210 cm Height: 105 cm (with the yarn & crochet hook I used)
    Yarn consumption: 400 g background colours and 400 g motif colours (These are approximate figures, because everyone crochets differently, sometimes tighter or looser etc.!!! Of course you can also crochet with other colours, as you like it! If you want to use a bobble, then I recommend to use a plain bobble as a background and the motif colour can be bright! Just make sure you get a good contrast!
    Stitches used:
    Air stitches
    Solid stitches
    Solid stitches in the back stitch link
    deeper stitched chopstick
    If you are a beginner, watch videos on YouTube. You will find many videos there. This technique is easy to learn.
    If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact me!

    Happy crocheting,

    Susanne Toth - SUTO Design

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